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Celebrate with your Gals with these Great Bachelorette Party Ideas!

Cyndi Lauper said in her groovy new wave track: “Girls Just Wanna Have Fun”, and bachelorette parties are the perfect examples of ladies just having a great time, most especially the bride who will, for the last time, enjoy singlehood. After all, she will be heading to Commitment Ville. So bring out those bachelorette party favors, get ready to play those fun and flirty bachelorette party games and it is on! Girls, let’s have fun!

There are a thousand and one bachelorette party ideas that will surely fire up the fun as it is already. If the guys in bachelor parties can have as much fun as they want to, why not the ladies who are just out to let loose! Alongside with the fun in planning a bachelorette party includes cooking up gimmicks, the bachelorette party games, the perfect venue, the food, and the bachelorette party favors that will be given to the gleeful guests.

Why not start with meeting your closest gal pals and think through well on how the whole shindig will go? By having more fun loving people planning the celebration, it is rest assured bachelorette party ideas will pour in no time. With a formed “fun and flirty party planning group”, proceed to planning proper. Start with the budget. If it is limited, then make sure you and your friends are going to be extra creative. Venue should be depending on your group, if you are the “clubbing bunch” go ahead and explore the town’s hottest clubs and bars. You will go to the extremes if you have your bachelorette party games there, along with other club goers. It is going to be a no-brainer that when you play “Dare”, it is a definitely fun, no holds barred game, with other people as participants. Booze will most definitely be part of it so make it sure you have all your girlfriends drinks ready! Then again, if you are planning for a more intimate, exclusively party where the girls can just let their hair down and go wild with all the naughty party games, opt for spending time at a friend’s place, a private rest house and other options.

With the venue set, plan the other aspects of the party next. Food should be simple and easy to prepare, but nonetheless special and sumptuous to eat. Try delicious pica pica or classic cupcakes with fun toppings or cookies in fun and naughty shapes. Also spend time on planning the perfect bachelorette party favors, to go with the memories of the great get-together. Setting up the venue is also great with lots of balloons and glittery banners, with this, guests and most especially the bride will have the real feel of a fun celebration.

These bachelorette party ideas all point to one direction, sing the Cyndi Lauper track again and have a great time with your gal pals, because “Girls Just Wanna Have Fun.”