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Junkie Ultimate Fighter: Episode 7 was a mixed martial arts event held by the Junkie Fighting Championships on September 10th, 2009 in Las Vegas, Nevada. This was the Junkie Ultimate Fighter Season One Finale for the Welterweight Division.



  • Welterweight Bout
Maro “The Mauler” Santos (1-1-0) vs. GLK “Dog” Ino (2-6-0)
Maro Santos defeats GLK Ino by Submission (Guillotine) (42%)
  • Middleweight Bout
Steve Simpson (2-0-0) vs. Kostas “TK” Tsioutas (1-2-0)
Steve Simpson defeats Kostas Tsioutas by Submission (Armbar) (50%)
  • Welterweight Bout
Drestin “Fade To” Black (2-0-0) vs. Tora “Retsropres” Ropez (1-1-0)
Tora Ropez defeats Drestin Black by TKO (98%)
  • Welterweight Bout
Justin Sane (5-1-0) vs. Carson Patrick (0-2-0)
Justin Sane defeats Carson Patrick by Unanimous Decision (32%)


  • Middleweight Bout
Kaleb “Spliff” Forrest (4-2-0) vs. “Don” Carlo Fuschini (1-2-0)
Kaleb Forrest defeats Carlo Fuschini by TKO (26%)
  • Heavyweight Bout
Matt “Red Nose” Casey (3-1-0) vs. Braddock “Bell” Hemingway (1-2-0)
Matt Casey defeats Braddock Hemingway by Unanimous Decision (37%)
  • Light Heavyweight Bout
Justin Vincible (2-1-0) vs. Bobby “The Grude” Reaper (1-0-0)
Justin Vincible defeats Bobby Reaper by KO (57%)
  • LIght Heavyweight Bout
Jack “Hunter” In The Box (1-0-0) vs. Mike “The Punisher” Silva (3-0-0)
Jack In The Box defeats Mike Silva by Submission (Rear Naked Choke) (56%)
  • Welterweight Bout
“The Painmaker” Randy Cross (3-1-0) vs. Jonathan “The Barncat” Wiley (2-3-0)
Jonathan Wiley defeats Randy Cross by Submission (Triangle) (42%)



  • Welterweight Bout
Calros “Serpent” Vasquez (3-0-0) vs. Yallen Silver (2-0-0)
Yallen Silver defeats Calros Vasquez by TKO (93%)


Notes & Awards

  • Attendance was 700 (700 capacity)
  • Fight of the Night Award: Drestin Black Vs. Tora Ropez (98% Overall)
  • Knockout of the Night Award: Yallen Silver
  • Submission of the Night Award: Jonathan Wiley

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