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Junkie Ultimate Fighter: Episode 7 was a mixed martial arts event held by theJunkie Fighting Championships on September 10th, 2009 in Las Vegas, Nevada. This was the Junkie Ultimate Fighter Season One Finale for the Welterweight Division.



  • Welterweight Bout
Maro “The Mauler” Santos (1-1-0) vs. GLK “Dog” Ino (2-6-0)
Maro Santos defeats GLK Ino by Submission (Guillotine) (42%)
  • Middleweight Bout
Steve Simpson (2-0-0) vs. Kostas “TK” Tsioutas (1-2-0)
Steve Simpson defeats Kostas Tsioutas by Submission (Armbar) (50%)
  • Welterweight Bout
Drestin “Fade To” Black (2-0-0) vs. Tora “Retsropres” Ropez (1-1-0)
Tora Ropez defeats Drestin Black by TKO (98%)
  • Welterweight Bout
Justin Sane (5-1-0) vs. Carson Patrick (0-2-0)
Justin Sane defeats Carson Patrick by Unanimous Decision (32%)


  • Middleweight Bout
Kaleb “Spliff” Forrest (4-2-0) vs. “Don” Carlo Fuschini (1-2-0)
Kaleb Forrest defeats Carlo Fuschini by TKO (26%)
  • Heavyweight Bout
Matt “Red Nose” Casey (3-1-0) vs. Braddock “Bell” Hemingway (1-2-0)
Matt Casey defeats Braddock Hemingway by Unanimous Decision (37%)
  • Light Heavyweight Bout
Justin Vincible (2-1-0) vs. Bobby “The Grude” Reaper (1-0-0)
Justin Vincible defeats Bobby Reaper by KO (57%)
  • LIght Heavyweight Bout
Jack “Hunter” In The Box (1-0-0) vs. Mike “The Punisher” Silva (3-0-0)
Jack In The Box defeats Mike Silva by Submission (Rear Naked Choke) (56%)
  • Welterweight Bout
“The Painmaker” Randy Cross (3-1-0) vs. Jonathan “The Barncat” Wiley (2-3-0)
Jonathan Wiley defeats Randy Cross by Submission (Triangle) (42%)



  • Welterweight Bout
Calros “Serpent” Vasquez (3-0-0) vs. Yallen Silver (2-0-0)
Yallen Silver defeats Calros Vasquez by TKO (93%)


Notes & Awards

  • Attendance was 700 (700 capacity)
  • Fight of the Night Award: Drestin Black Vs. Tora Ropez (98% Overall)
  • Knockout of the Night Award: Yallen Silver
  • Submission of the Night Award: Jonathan Wiley

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