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- This fight took place at JFC Fight Night 1 on September 14th, 2009 in Las Vegas, Nevada

- KJ “Kryptonite” Kesler (3-0-1) vs. Kari “Talkkari” Taalasmaa (4-0-1) was the first ever JFC Light Heavyweight Title Fight. Kesler has made quick work of all of his JFC opponents taking them out by submission while Taalasmaa is a powerful knockout artist finishing all of his opponents by TKO. With a purple belt in BJJ going up against one of the most deadly strikers in the game there is no telling what would go down in that cage.

- This fight actually almost didn't happen, Kesler was injured prior to this bout and it was thought that he wouldn't be able to compete and that the fight would have to be postponed but Kesler sucked it up and actually signed to the fight the day of the event. So with the fight officially on, everyone knew this was going to be a special night in the JFC.

KJ Kesler Vs. Kari Taalasmaa



  • KJ Kesler & Kari Taalasmaa ends in a Draw after the Decision (100% Fight Rating)
  • There was no clear winner but one thing is for sure, this fight was the greatest fight in JFC history at this point in history.
  • Kesler and Taalasmaa won the Fight of the Night Award and this would just be the start of an amazing rivalry.

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