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JFC Fight Night 1 was a mixed martial arts event held by theJunkie Fighting Championships on September 14th, 2009 in Las Vegas, Nevada.



  • Lightweight Bout
Timothy “Too Sweet” Jordan (1-3-0) vs. Darius “Sting Ray” Jones (1-1-0)
Darius Jones defeats Timothy Jordan by TKO (58%)
  • Middleweight Bout
“Rhino” Ryan Feager (1-1-0) vs. Tom “Hasa” Ace (0-3-0)
Ryan Feager defeats Tom Ace by Unanimous Decision (32%)
  • Lightweight Bout
Dan “Blastboy” Twardy (1-2-0) vs. Mario Martini (1-1-0)
Mario Martini defeats Dan Twardy by Submission (Armbar) (100%)


  • Welterweight Bout
Justin Sane (4-1-0) vs. Alaska Brown (2-4-0)
Justin Sane defeats Alaska Brown by Unanimous Decision (54%)
  • Heavyweight Bout
Eza “Teerminator” Nahka (5-0-0) vs. Shin “White Tiger” Sato (3-3-0)
Eza Nahka defeats Shin Sato by Unanimous Decision (51%)
  • Heavyweight Bout
Terry “Tap Out” Talburt (5-2-0) vs. Jamison “Black Adder” Aleksy (2-2-0)
Terry Talburt defeats Jamison Aleksy by Uanimous Decision (79%)
  • Welterweight Bout
Piotrek “Bur” Fabianski (4-2-0) vs. Rodrigo “El Matador” Jones (2-5-0)
Rodrigo Jones defeats Piotrek Fabianski by Majority Decision (74%)



  • Light Heavyweight Bout
KJ “Kryptonite” Kesler (3-0-1) vs. Kari “Talkkari” Taalasmaa (4-0-1)
KJ Kesler defeats Kari Taalasmaa by Unanimous Decision (81%)

Notes & Awards

  • Attendance was 700 (700 capacity)
  • Fight of the Night Award: Dan Twardy Vs. Mario Martini (100% Overall)
  • Knockout of the Night Award: Darius Jones
  • Submission of the Night Award: Mario Martini

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