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Demonic Clothing

Demonic Clothing started back at the beginning of 2009 and had a good run throughout the year expanding and making Demonic Inc. a house hold name in MMA Tycoon! Then Will, the owner, left MMATycoon and the company vanished! But in Aug 2012, the company has made a comeback. We are slowly growing our name back, selling old gear that soon will be retired, Creating new gear and partnering with Warriors of Torment!

Will, owns a Graphic Design company out of Oklahoma called Creative Visual Arts & Photography ( and has decided to come back into MMATycoon for something fun and relaxing.

We still make Event Posters, Custom Belts, Logos and of course our clothing. So contact us if your interested at Demonic Clothing (222) or Contact Will Brawler (1751).

Below are some Event posters made back in 2009 for companies

Warriors of Torment - LA Event Posters - 2012

WOT10.jpg WOTLA3Challengers.jpg Wotla11.jpg

DIFO Fight Poster's - 2009

WolfsBane.jpg Wildchild.jpg ComfortablyNumb.jpg DevilMan.jpg DeadSkinMask.jpg

AFM Fight Poster's - 2009


Belt's - 2012


Belt's - 2009

DIFO BELT.jpg UOC new belt.jpg AFM1.jpg

Demonic Clothing

Demonic Clothing was one of the top companies in Los Angeles and will soon be there again. We have a wide variety of shorts, newly made Kimono pants and T-Shirts. We were the first clothing company to open its door in LA. We sponsor fighters, and on occasion sponsor organizations also. We were the official Sponsor of the Undisputed Online Championship, and have sponsored the first 4 Fight Nights, and have made 2 fight shirts, and 2 Hoodies as official gear, we have also had formed a deal with the UOC gym and have made 2 fight shirts for them also. We also have had temporary deal with Damage Inc. Gym and created there Gym Logo, and an official fight shirt for them. More sponsorship's to come.

All these deals were before MMATycoon had the Merchandise, Partnering or Staff systems in play!

American Fight Mix - 2009


UOC/UOC Fighting System - 2009

UOC Official T-Shirt.jpg UOC Champ Hoodie.jpg Uoc hoodie.jpg

UOC Fighting Systems.jpg Red Fighting System.jpg

Damage Inc. - 2009




We sponsor fighters of all rank, record, and locations. The only thing we ask for all our sponsored fighters is that you wear at least one article of clothing that is from Demonic Clothing. We offer generous contracts and always open for negotiations. Want to be sponsored just Pm on the site or forum. On occasions if a deal can be worked out I will make your fighter personalized gear, although a little expensive it will be for him only.


We have variety of fight gear. Check them out, below is a photo of all the gear we carry and the price it cost for you to own the product.

New Gear

Demonic Camo.jpg Demonic Clothing V2.jpg Demonic Gladiator.jpg Demonic Hazard.jpgDemonic Torment.jpg

Demonic Torment Shorts.jpg DemonicNoSleeve.jpg Demonic Gi White.jpg Demonic Gi Purple.jpg Demonic Gi black.jpg

Demonic Gi Blue.jpg Demonic Gi Brown.jpg

Vintage Gear

Fire Demon.jpg SinisterWear.jpg Dark Anarchy.jpg Demonic Wings.jpgSinister.jpg

Ground N Pound Boxing Shorts.jpg Pantera Hell Patrol Red.jpg Pantera Skulls.jpgAnarchy Shirt.JPG

BJJ Walking With Champions.jpg Splatter Effect.jpg Budwieser.jpg Death Granters.jpg Semper Fi Till I Die.jpg

Support Our Troops.jpg Demonic Warfare.jpg Red three skull shirt.jpg Most Sissies Are.jpg

The man the legend.jpg Little Alien Shirt.jpg DC BJJ Purple Belt.jpg DC BJJ White Belt.jpg

Venom Singlet.jpg USA Lincoln Singlet.jpg Red three skull shorts.jpg Little Alien.jpg

Smoking Skulls.jpg Pantera 101 Proof.jpg Pantera Cowboy Up.jpg Pinkfloyd.jpg

Soon to be Retired Gear

1zf3jvd.jpg 24o8rjr.jpg Canadians are Eh Holes.jpg King of the Hood.jpg

City Fight Gear Helinski.jpg City Fight Gear Hilo.jpg Stree Line.jpg 12657368391263502593yoshishirt834786.jpg

Hard Work.jpg Need Money.jpg End War.jpg Tap snap or nap.jpg At what point does cpr become necrophilia.jpg

Blue skull shirt.jpg Dont piss me off.jpg I shoot like a porn star.jpg Urban Alternative.jpg

One Mind Any Weapon.jpg Walkthrough.jpg Attliction is dead limited.jpg City Fight Gear LA.jpg

Retired Gear

New DC Shirt.jpg JiuJitsu.jpg Griffon.jpg LE Demonic Clothing Hoodie.jpg Midnight fairy.jpg

Negative Pentagram.jpg Reaper.jpg Black and Blue Demonic Signature Series.jpg Dragonette.jpg

Cerebral Cross.jpg Camo.jpg Cammo Fire.jpg Blue Black Belt Kimono Pants.jpgCrufixition.jpg

Demonic Skull.jpg Demonic Boxing Shorts.jpg 3 Stooges.jpg Japanese Dragon T-Shirt.jpg Neon Scorpion.JPG

Flaming Skulls.jpg Iced Demon T-Shirt.jpg DC Shirt.jpg Demon Angel Shorts.jpg Demonic.jpg

Dragon Shorts.JPG Demonic Rock Out.jpg White Black Belt Kimono Pants.jpg Anarchy Shorts.jpg DC BJJ Black Belt.jpg

DC BJJ Blue Belt.JPG DC BJJ Brown Belt.jpg Yin and Yang T-Shirt.jpg Demonic Swordsman.jpg Gotta have Faith.jpg


Signature Series - 2009

We started to make signature series for selected individuals in 2009. Our first Signature Series was for Dario "Darinho" De Silva. Would you like to have your own fight gear? Well contact me and see what we can work out!!!! Below is a list of the products we have made in the past.

Darinho shirt2.jpg Darinho shorts.jpg Chico Hoodie.jpg Chico Trunks.jpg

Diesel.jpg CockDiesel.jpg Mexican Samurai.jpg Mexican Shorts.jpg

XXx Clemson.jpg XXx Shorts.jpg

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